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CMS Offers National OASIS-C1 Webinar

OASIS Answers - Monday, August 11, 2014


OASIS-C1/ICD-9 Webinar

September 3, 2014               2:00 - 3:30 pm EST

Patricia Sevast RN  
- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Linda Krulish PT MHS COS-C - OASIS Answers, Inc.

No registration required

On day of webinar, go to

Dial (800) 603-1774 (Conference ID 64064429) for audio

Handouts will be available prior to webinar at:

Participation on the call is limited to the first 1000 phone lines, so consider calling in early as there is no pre-registration. 

For webinar technical questions contact Etolia Biggs at or call 410-786-8664.

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CMS Posts NEW Category 1-4 OASIS-C1 Q&As

OASIS Answers - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today, CMS posted the 06/2014 OASIS-C1/ICD-9 versions of the OASIS Category Questions and Answers:
  • Category 1: OASIS Applicability
  • Category 2: Comprehensive Assessments
  • Category 3: Follow-up Assessments
  • Category 4: OASIS Data Set - Forms & Items


These updated Q&A files, dated June 2014, represent guidance that should be used for data collection using the OASIS-C1/ICD-9 data set, which is to be implemented for comprehensive assessments completed on or after January 1, 2015. 

Register today to attend the Annual COS-C Conference, August 4-8, in Seattle and join the entire OASIS Answers Team as we deliver ALL of the recently released OASIS-C1 resources in our comprehensive training.

Register Now…   Discounted Advance Registration rate expires MONDAY, July 21!



Linda Krulish, PT MHS COS-C
President, OASIS Answers, Inc.


CMS Posts OASIS-C1 DRAFT Chapter 3 Guidance

OASIS Answers - Thursday, July 10, 2014

On July 9. 2014, CMS posted DRAFT files of the OASIS-C1/ICD-9 Chapter 3 guidance. These files correlate with the DRAFT OASIS-C1/ICD-9 data set that CMS posted on June 16, 2014, pending approval by the Office of Management & Budget (OMB). It is expected that a final version of Chapter 3, as well as OASIS-C1/ICD-9 versions of the remaining Chapters of the OASIS Guidance Manual will be posted as they become available.  Please note that the Draft files for Chapter 3 are contained in a ZIP file and will require a zip/unzip program to access the 17 individual files contained in it.

Register today to attend the Annual 
COS-C Conference, August 4-8, in Seattle and join the entire OASIS Answers Team as we prepare for a smooth transition to OASIS-C1. 

Discounted Room Block expires 
TODAY so be sure to reserve your room now!

Stay on top of OASIS-C1 and join our OASIS Quarterly Q&A Update Teleconference on July 16th to review the new OASIS Q&As scheduled for release that day. Register now to participate live or to secure your audio recording of this important review.



inda Krulish, PT MHS COS-C
President, OASIS Answers, Inc.



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