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Based on specific client need, an individual consultant, or a consulting team will provide coordinated consulting services. Areas of specialization include:

  • Strategies for OASIS data collection accuracy
  • Improved competency and standardization of the Comprehensive Assessment
  • Effective compliance with the Drug Regimen Review for nurses and therapists
  • Outcome report analysis and effective quality improvement projects
  • Low and High Tech Clinical Best Practice Solutions
  • Strategies to analyze appropriateness of therapy referral, assessment, care planning, and discharging patterns
  • Enhanced therapy utilization to meet financial and quality outcomes
  • Strategies to Improve collaboration and communication among the interdisciplinary team
  • Effective clinical documentation for compliance, and to defend OASIS scoring and reimbursement claims
  • Auditing and training for diagnostic coding
  • Auditing of OASIS assessments
  • Organizational review and strategies specific to enhancing outcome and process measures
  • Organizational review and strategies specific to minimizing risk during RAC , ZPIC & CERT audits

Individual agency consulting is not our core service, although we welcome the opportunity to discuss needs with unique and progressive home health providers who may benefit from added support to meet extraordinary goals or objectives.

Our consulting approach mirrors our approach to patient care: empowerment of the client rather than fostering dependency. We believe our services are most effective when we are allowed to help outline identified needs, and whenever possible – provide the tools or guidance to support the agency in resolving the issues using “in-house” resources. Consulting services that are recommended will be based on indications that such services (analysis, training, development, clinical & technical expertise, etc.) do not currently


exist within the organization, exist in a less-than-effective manner or system, or are needed in a time frame that the organization is unable to meet given current obligations and resources.

We do not seek for, nor recommend long-term consulting relationships, as these tend to be costly for all involved and can foster ineffective and unfocused efforts. In an effort to enhance flexibility, minimize cost, and promote empowerment of organization management and staff; whenever feasible, a consulting approach favoring off-site consulting methods is proposed. However, when face-to-face interaction is likely to significantly enhance the client learning and/or consultant’s effectiveness, on-site meetings will be recommended.

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