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Patient falls are a challenging issue for many home health agencies. CMS recognizes the importance of fall risk detection and fall prevention interventions and included them in quality measurement as process of care measures. Do you know what is considered best practice in the area of falls? This workshop provides the need-to-know information to develop and implement an evidence-based fall prevention program. Attend this workshop to learn multiple methods for fall risk assessment, fall interventions, and accurate completion of OASIS fall-related items. Having the knowledge and practical understanding of fall prevention benefits your agency and your patients.

Educational objectives:

  • Describe the problem of falls in the older population
  • Identify the functional, economical, and psychological impact of falls
  • List risk factors for falls 
  • Review the fall risk process measures and discuss rate calculation criteria
  • Describe item-scoring of falls-related OASIS-C1 items 
  • Describe a multi-factorial falls risk assessment 
  • Design an agency-specific falls prevention program 

Organizations interested in sponsoring the “Focus on Falls" Workshop or other OASIS Answers training, CLICK HERE
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